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has fought his own battle with food obsession and weight gain.

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When Dave Kirchhoff took a job with Weight Watchers, he did it in part because their weight loss program had been shown to be among the most effective life-changing programs anywhere. He wanted to be a part
  Includes inspiring success stories of everyday Weight Watchers members and celebrity friends, including an original piece by Weight Watchers ambassador for men Charles Barkley.  
of Team Trim. But he also harbored a secret: He was worried about the health effects of the weight he'd gained as an adult, and he didn't like how it robbed him of energy and confidence. And he REALLY hated how it made him look (naked). So, as he rose through the executive ranks at Weight Watchers, he took the company's best practices personally. He learned simple strategies and smart food choices that helped him fight the good fight against fat and win — for better looks, better health, a better life (and better nakedness). So now he's the ultimate WEIGHT LOSS BOSS: a guy who learned from the best about how to shed 40 pounds of fat, PLUS how to keep it off.

And in his rollicking memoir of personal shrinkage, he wants to help you do the same.
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Among the leanness laws you'll learn to use:

Control your environment, control your weight
. Your kitchen, your office, your commute to work — they're all making you fat! Dave will share his most reliable detours around weight hazards.

Avoid your calorie triggers. Certain foods push your buttons. Next thing you know, your own belly button is vanishing under the fat tide. Dave identified his fat traps and triumphed over them. You can do the same.

Learn which foods you need to eat more of to lose weight. Dave's favorite satisfying foods can be yours, too. Cure gut rumblings and bulges at the same time!

Scale back your binges. Learn the simple thing you can do every day to monitor your consumption and win the battle of the bulge.

Lock in your losses — for good. So many weight loss gurus work for a month or two, then throw you to the wolves. Dave shares the techniques that help ensure he won't balloon out to his former girth. He can help you hold your sexy, lean line as well.

Why wait another minute? The turning point for your tummy is right now. Let Dave Kirchhoff, and Weight Watchers' four decades of weight loss success, be your guide to a new, slim future!

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Meet the author: David Kirchhoff is the President and CEO of Weight Watchers International, Inc.
I often wish I could go back to 2000, equipped with everything I know now. I came to understand more in the past 3 years of maintaining my weight than I did in the 9 years it took for me to reach my goal weight.

The reason: I incorporated healthy habits into my life, which has been the key to both losing weight and keeping it off. In my view, too many books have been written about the first 3 months of weight loss, and not nearly enough has been written about making changes that will improve how you live every day for the rest of your life. ... I've always wanted the opportunity to share the hard-earned lessons I’ve learned with people who are looking for a new start. This book is my way of doing
exactly that.
Exclusive Offer: Try it FREE for 21 days!
Click here to order Weight Loss Boss now! Try it FREE for 21 days!
Click here to order Weight Loss Boss now! Try it FREE for 21 days!
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